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The Retirement Classroom currently offers the following retirement classes in Wisconsin. Click a class name to learn more about it and to find a class near you.

Estate Planning 101

Estate Planning 101 is a class designed to answer questions including: What happens to our life savings when we die? What type of legacy do we want to leave? What is the difference between a Will, Revocable Trust, and Irrevocable Trust? With Baby Boomers having larger retirement savings than previous generations and more dynamic families, knowing your rights and options in estate planning has never been more essential.

Estate Planning 101 will help teach attendees how to:

  • Protect life savings and legacy from probate, estate taxes, and long-term care costs
  • Protect and provide for minor or special needs children
  • Pass assests to the next generation in a manner that will protect their inheritance from potential creditors, lawsuits, or divorce
  • Pass down your legacy in the manner that fits your wishes